Edis, The Over Realm

The Over Realm is the plane of existence in which all mortal beings roam between the folds of life, death, the voids, the gods, and the Outer Realms. It is the center of the Dream Sleeve, the great streams of reality that bind the Five Voids and spill over the edges into the numerous planes that make up the Outer Realms.

Edis is the name used by the mortals of the Over Realm to label their plane of existence, it is considered by the gods to be the one realm that allows existence to persist, a sacred plane so to speak.

The Creation of All Things
These deities also believe that Edis was brought into being by complete accident, a fatal flaw in the Five that they must nurture and keep from collapsing on itself and disappearing for eternity. The Over Realm is akin to a festering wound on the hearts of Pado, Kal, Shi’h, Rel, and Sithz- the Five Voids -and a blessing of pseudo-life upon their children. The voids threaten to swallow the Outer Planes and the Over Realm with existential instibility to restore their perfect forms. In turn the gods fear being cast into nothingness having grown to love their conscious minds, so they created the Dream Sleeve.

When the Five Voids spontaneously developed a consciousness, they brought the concept of reality to being, they invented the concept to let their new mind to expand and develop. As they grew to become true entities, they collided and began procreating with one another. Thus, the gods came to be, born as unstable entities with evolving minds that introduced more and more concepts and facets of this newfound reality.

As they developed, existence began to change, the first offspring of the Five were Horrux the God of Time, Anu the God of Space, and Sthed the God of Light. These three created the foundation for a persistent universe, they formed a steady stream in which events could happen in a sequence rather than the beginning, when concepts were birthed before each other and after each other and simultaneously all at once. The chaos that ensued these conscious beings and their offspring was lulled into a mere buzzing. The first three offspring continued to evolve mentally, imagining new things and willing them into being by breaking chunks of themselves off and breathing a mind into it.

From Horrux, came Hraaal and his sphere was Slowness, then came Hinth and her sphere was Fastness. They were sub deities, living fragments of Horrux that followed him. They slowed time to a near standstill and sped it up to an incredible rate. All the while, time persistently moved forward. Time happened, but Horrux worried that nothing could experience his concept. The Voids felt the first sting when a persistent order prevented the many contradictions in events that they had grown used to. They let it remain.

From Anu, came Aeruk and his sphere was Matter, then came Atriu and her sphere was Elements. These living fragments proded at the space provided by their father Anu and filled it with matter and manipulated that matter into the elements. Now, Time had something physical to affect, and Horrux was happy. The Voids felt the second sting when their emptiness was no longer empty. They let it remain, but now they began to pay more attention.

From Sthed, came Srekt and his sphere was Illumination, then came Siinj and her sphere was color. Together they took their father’s light shined it on matter, casting shadows, and colored the elements that spilled forth into Anu’s space. Matter was given an image and depth, and Time continued to go along in it’s infinitely persistent stream. Horrux was happy, Anu was impressed, and Sthed felt joy in their new toys. The Voids felt the third sting, it was all so new and foreign and The Five felt as if they couldn’t adapt. They let it remain, only because they were experiencing yet another concept, birthed from their own consciousness.

The Void shuddered and Asmodaus appeared in the center of Anu’s Space, among Sthed’s Light, and endured Horrux’s Time. The space around the new child of the Voids rippled violently, light was bent around his beaing, matter was warped when it came into contact with him. He was the God of Negative, the Voids shuddered again and grew confused.

Another child appeared and it was Bauthom. He inhabited Anu’s Space, Horrux’s Time, and Sthed’s Light, undoing the warps and manipulations that his brother caused to these creations. He was the God of Positive. The Voids constricted, exerting pressure upon their spawn.

The appearance of these last two children created Emotion and Sense, it filled the Voids and the other children. Asmodaus came first, and when his brother opposed him he willed an unsettling concept, like a thorn in the heart of this Emotion he created Pain, Hate, and Sadness. Bauthom countered the Negative Emotion without hesitation, he instilled the conscious collective with Happyness, Euohoria, and Love. The Voids mantled the Emotions and let it crescendo into a cascade of Pain and Hate, they were ultimately displeased with their children who were out of control and changing their existence. It was their existence, they willed it to be and they refused to let these gods take it from them.

The Five reared back in preparation to collapse and swallow existence, the universe expanded as they began to recede. The gods coward in the face of their impending doom, they didn’t want to lose this beautiful gift, they didn’t want to… This expanded universe gave the gods an endless amount number of concepts to will into being, the strongest was felt by each and every one of them simultaneously. Life and Death manifested as one being from the pieces of each god’s being. Edis was his name, and he was the Dreamer. The Voids could now experience Life and Death, the gods could experience Life and Death, and now everyone feared for change. Edis sat at the center of the collective, his parents enci

Edis, The Over Realm

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