Mist Spider [The Arak'Zir]

The Mist Spider is an extra-planar arachnoid, it is a greater demon and has only ever appeared on Edis twice, in ancient times. It is worshiped by a number of sinister cults and occasionally appears in old wise tales and legends. According to the Monastery of The Golden Scribes, this demonic arachnid is a herald of one of the many prophesied End-Times

Appearance and Physical Characteristics
The Mist Spider has two appearances according to legend, an Oterial form (when inhabiting it’s realm of origin, an Outer Realm), and an Edisial form (when inhabiting the plane of Edis).

Oterial Physical Appearance
When scouring the shattered lands of it’s Outer Realm of origin, the Mist Spider is a thick burgundy cloud, almost a dense smog-like gas with eight tendrils long tendrils that whip around it’s unstable form. Within the cloud are six dark red orbs that float in and out of the demon’s gaseous body. At the end of each tendril is a thin, jagged thorn that’s covered in a series of small bumps. The thorns appear to be made of a dark obsidian-like material. The legends state that the spider appears in this form whilst traversing it’s home realm because of an instability in it’s blackened soul, the sheer amount of evil inhabiting the demon cannot be contained by a solid form, so it is dispersed into a mist. Some stories tell of the demon forcing it’s mist into the bodies of other demons to devour them from inside out.

Edisial Physical Appearance leng_spider_by_thedjib-d48g1ak.jpg
While tangible in the realm of Edis, the Over Realm, the Mist Spider can maintain a more solid body, the stories never clarify why it’s able to do this, but most monks and scholars assume that it’s because the will of evil is stronger and more tangible in the Over Realm, allowing it to be contained in an earthly body.
The spider is about the size of a large, fully grown war dog and weighs nearly twice that of an average man. It’s outer shell is a burgundy, brownish color with growths that resemble some molds and odd looking hoove-like fungus covering it’s bulbous abdomen. It’s long, pointed legs are rough and covered in thick black quills, a pattern that resembles a scorched and blackened stick travels up it’s eight legs and blends with the color of it’s body. The Mist Spider’s eyes consist of dull red orbs that appear dead and glazed over. It’s cephalothorax is encrusted in a bumpy shell of chitin and blotches of that dark red fungus. The legends and ancient texts describe it’s web as “rough strands of this moist material that resembles a cross between horse hair rope and large globs of partially dried slobber from a Grettin Hound.” Other sources also claim the spider’s web emits a very faint glow and a horrendous odor, anything caught in it supposedly struggles to remain conscious from the noxious odor.

Habitats And Behavior
While the Mist Spider is considered a greater demon, it is not considered sentient and behaves like an aggressive disease with a physical mode of transportation, seeking contact with any living organisms it can find.
The demon inhabits a series of floating, spore covered islands in the Outer Realms, it creates large hives that are topped with huge spider webs that catch anything that is unfortunate enough to fly into them.
On the Edisial plane, legends speak of the demon seeking prey by actively hunting dense populations where it creates webs between trees and buildings in between chasing and stalking victims. One story tells of a small but dense village that was almost entirely covered in webs over night, the Mist Spider waited for the inhabitants to awaken and leave their homes before it began chasing them and causing mass chaos, herding the crowds into it’s traps and poisoning them with it’s spores.

Mist Poison and It’s Curse
Ancient accounts of sadistic shamans and mages summoning the spiders to bring about the End-Days are frequent in Mist Spider related text, nearly every ancient legend and historical account describes chaotic events regarding a deadly poison that mutates the victims and turns them into mindless creatures. Translated directly from an ancient book of prophecies and warnings, written in a elf-leather bound tome preserved by ancient magics, is the following text concerning something called The Arach’Krix Curse. It is a direct translation, it has not been formatted to be grammatically correct:

Spider god in his mortal skin show his magic to all people. worthy and damned all. curse mortal skin. shed it like a crab from shell. Balthiil is horrible fiend, demon spider and spore, his cloud spread and touch and change. His spider is mist.
Balthiil bring with him end all man woman. Bring with him change of eight leg red eye black skin blister and shell is the curse name Arach’Krix

The text is from the Proto-Dwarf race called the “Calithqna”, Their language eventually came to be the foundation for common tongue, thus the direct translation by itself is sufficient enough to conclude that this is indeed a reference to the demon, the Mist Spider.

Other accounts claim that the curse is a result from the inhalation of the demon itself, when the fungi growing on it’s abdomen burst into a cloud of spores. The abominations are said to be capable of infecting and encasing victims within a cocoon of chitin and webs to produce more abominations.

Mist Spider [The Arak'Zir]

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