Monastery of The Golden Scribes

“As She commands it be, we are bathed in the golden rays of Suni-Mora’s luminous affections and blessed with the divine gift of Her Hand. These quills of ours, held by only we The Luminous Archivists, shed light on all that remains behind the veil of the shadowed unknown to excavate the knowledge hidden within it’s darkest depths. By her will, the will of the universe and our by our birthright; we are the divine scholars, the brilliant minds, the defilers of secrets, the collectors of knowledge, we are The Luminous Archivists.”
- Paragraph taken from the Sacred Writs Of Suni-Mora: Sermon 1


Located in the farthest reaches of the North East, several miles inland from the coast, carved into a golden sandstone wall of the Gash Canyon. The Monastery of The Golden Scribes is home to the devout monks that worship the light god Suni-Mora. The Monastery is one of the seven sites that pilgrims of Suni-Mora travel to while undergoing their holy quest to find themselves and the knowledge they desire. The establishment is self sustaining, beneath it’s great halls are vast gardens with an abundance of crops, natural springs of fresh water, vast underground fields of Bleak Grass span as grazing pastures for their Gronthi cattle, and well maintained living quarters for the monks.

The Architecture
The building is carved into a wall of dense sandstone, a network of libraries, scroll archives, classrooms, altar rooms, and sacred tombs make up the upper levels of the monastery. Sacred symbols, stones, and scripture is chiseled into the walls and appear on the tiled floors throughout the building. The architecture and design is the legendary work of the renowned historical figure, the famed Gold-Light Templar and Master Stone Mason Gorden Yriis of the First Era. He and a massive collective of devout followers and master architects erected the monastery after Yriis claimed he was visited by Suni-Mora, “baring a body of flesh and warmth,” in the Sacred Springs of The Gash. The deity shared with him the knowledge necessary to carry out the incredible task of constructing the wonder that would become The Monastery of The Golden Scribes. This event led to the creation of the Seventh Pilgrimage, the last addition to the original six.

Rituals of The Monastery
A few of the rituals performed here are widely known throughout the world, wherever lady Suni-Mora’s influence reaches. It is common knowledge, considering that she is the chief deity and her worship is the most wide spread. The most commonly known are carried out as follows:

Polished golden plates are embedded into the columns and walls of the monastery’s face, when the sun hits the plates at high noon each day, the holy symbol of Suni-Mora is reflected on the canyon wall opposite to them. The symbol shines with a scorching light that is amplified by the chants of the monks and gathered pilgrims during the holy hour. Once the sun sets after the Holy Hour, the monks ascend the wall and scrub the blackened scorch marks from the sandstone wall. This is done so that the holy symbol doesn’t appear in black, holy symbols of Suni-Mora in black insult the light of the god in the eyes of her followers. This ritual is known as “The Seeing.”

When the sun sets, when it no longer shines golden in the sky but a burning orange or radiant pink, certain high ranking monks climb the canyon walls to the flat surface above the monastery, this is the first step to their ritualistic meditation.stonestack.png The higher ranking monks are divided into seven groups, each group performs this ritual on their specified day of the week. Once at the top of the canyon walls, they stack stones with unbelievable balance, this readies their minds and bodies for the commune with Suni-Mora. Once the mind is in a state of peace and their body is relaxed, they begin their chanting individually. The sun is usually barely sitting above the horizon once the second step is completed and the stones are stacked. The chanting continues, each monk assuming a cross legged seated position with their left hand on the center of their forehead and the right placed over the bottom of the sternum (this is known to the monks as the “Seeded Mind Position”). When the sun disappears beneath the horizon entirely and it’s light dwindles in the sky, they use magic to suspend a small ball of powder wrapped in a golden silky material with an invisible force. The same forces are used to unwrap the material from it’s contents, a yellow powder that is dispersed into a ring around them. Once the sun’s last remnants of light fades from the sky completely, the powder emits a soft golden glow and encircles the monk in a slow orbit. During this time, the monk’s mind is said to be temporarily transported to the realm of their god. During this communion with their god, they give praise to her in person and show their trust, faith, and devotion by abandoning their bodies on Edis for an entire night. This ritual is only performed by the oldest, most senior monks that have completed the entire pilgrimage, bathed in the Sacred Springs of The Gash, and filled a Gold Scroll with great secrets. These elite followers are granted the title of “Chosen Seeker.” This advanced ritual, completed every night, is known as “The Being.”

The third ritual performed at the monastery is a weekly gathering of the pilgrims that are only visiting, the monks that reside within the holy place, and the Gold-Light Templars that pass through. The gathering takes place in a grand golden hall in the heart of the monastery. Huge elevated pools of crystal clear water in shallow cylinders surround a massive chiseled stone slab in a triangular formation, each pool flowing down until it collects at in the final cylinder.Design-A-Mystical-Golden-Sphere-In-Photoshop.jpg As the springs feed the pools, the final fills until the water is slowly overflowing, filling the many veins scrawled across the great slab beneath the gatherers feet. Stone benches raise from the stone when the gathering gets into a massive formation, behind each rank the stone slowly rises to provide a seat. The most senior ranking Gold-Light Templar, an elder monk, and the most experienced pilgrim stand before the gathering at extravagant podiums, here they lead the gathering in a holy chant to invoke the power of their deity. Monks tasked to handle a giant golden sphere encircle the gathering and lower the holy sphere from it’s slot in the ceiling. When Suni-Mora is pleased with the mass’s worship, she rings the massive golden bells lining the cavernous ceiling above them and lets a white flaming light bathe the followers from the Golden Sphere. This ritual is “The Hearing” and it is also performed in other temples around the world, though the gathering is always much smaller than the one hosted at the monastery.

Positions Within The Monastery
There is a spiritual and academic hierarchy present within the monasteries walls, this keeps the worship of Suni-Mora, the endeavors of the monks, and the service to the pilgrims and their splinter group, the Gold-Light Templars, organized and functioning smoothly.

At the very top of the hierarchy is the Gold Seer and the Chosen Seekers.
The Gold Seer is an oracle of sorts, a young and beautiful woman possessed by the forces of Suni-Mora and her divine children. Her mind has been deteriorated and mangled by the frequent trips to and from alternate planes of existence, it is constantly thrown into the realm of gods in a sleep-like state and torn back to her body on Edis. Their deity utilizes the body as she pleases, whether it is to deliver messages to the Chosen Seekers when they are not performing The Being or to simply feel her influence on Edis from a different perspective. The Gold Seer does not leave her confined quarters in the monastery, they are known as the “The Seer’s Sphere” because it is literally a large golden sphere with three rooms enclosed within it. She is only allowed to freely roam a large flower garden with a small spring, her sleeping quarters, and the Archive of Her Hand, all of which are encased within her sphere.

The Chosen Seekers are the most elite disciples of Suni-Mora in the monastery.

The Monastery’s Duties To The Land_

Monastery of The Golden Scribes

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